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Opoponax Absolute Oil

Opoponax Absolute Oil

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Opoponax Absolute Oil

Opoponax Absolute Oil is steam distilled from the resin from trees of the same breed, the essential oil is very aromatic, it is antiseptic, fragrance fixative.

  • Opoponax Oil is obtained from the resins of the Opoponax trees that belong to the same family of trees that Myrrh trees belong.
  • Fragrance – It’s fragrance can be compared to the fragrance of the Myrrh essential oil. However, it is sweeter and milder than it. Overall, it has a spicy and floral aroma that is pleasant and promotes happy mood.
  • Uses – It is typically used as a fixative while manufacturing perfumes.
  • Properties – This oil exhibits antiseptic properties. It is made from the steam distillation process.
  • Caution – Do not apply it directly on the skin. Dilute it with a carrier oil before using it to treat skin issues or for massages.
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