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Candle Making Kit

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DIY Candle Making Kit

Vedaoils Candle making kit is a great way to get started with DIYing homemade candles, and it is much easier than you might think. Veda Oils is offering 'Candle Making Kits' to enable the customers to buy all the candle-making supplies at once. Our Candle Making Complete Kit comes with a Personalized Round Candles Jar, Bee Wax glass Jars, Candle Wicks, Candle Colors, Refreshing fragrance oils, hand gloves, and everything you need to make a candle at home. It also includes an easy-to-follow instruction manual that explains the entire process step-by-step.

VedaOils offers the thoughtfully curated Beewax Candle Making Kit through which professional & beginners Crafters can choose their candle smells, its properties, and even color. These handmade candles are used while doing meditation; for filling your room with a fresh and clean odor; or deepening a state of relaxation.

Our Beewax Candle Making Kit comes with candle jars, beeswax, color pigments, fragrance oils, candlewick, beaker, spatula, hand gloves, and jute thread for decoration purposes. It also consists of a manual that explains how to make scented candles. The process is so easy that you can even make them at your home. Our Candle Making Kit Set is so reasonable that manufacturers of scented candles can buy them for commercial use. You can also gift DIY Candle Making Kit to yourself or give them to someone who makes or is interested in making aromatic candles!

Candle Making Kit Ingredients

  • Fragrance Oils : Lavender, Lemon, Oceanic, Jasmine, Orchid & Smooth Fragrance oils present in Candle Making Kit are used to add a pleasant scent to your handmade candles. These oils are designed to throw out a clean scent, so they will be able to enchant you and your guests.
  • Candle Waxes : Beeswax is regarded as the most ideal candle wax for the reason that It has a very warm flame, and it burns more slowly than other candles waxes. Beeswax candles wax also tends to have better scent throwing capabilities.
  • Candle Colors : Candle Pigment colorant or colored tints will make your DIY handmade candles even more attractive and beautiful. It also provides a glossy, shiny and stylish finish to the homemade candles.
  • Candle Jars With the glass containers included with this candle kit, you can enhance the candles' intended appearance and feel. Clear glass containers are visually striking and go well with cool colors.
  • Beaker, Hand Gloves, Spatula:  Scented Candle Making Kit come with a beaker which is used to mix melted candle wax, color and scent. It also comes with a mixing spatula and gloves to keep your hands clean and safe.
  • Wick Sustainer & Jute thread: Wick Sustainer present in candle making kit will keep the cotton wick firmly in place in the bottom of the container and prevent it from floating to the surface when you pour in the molten wax. While the Jute thread is for decorating the glass jar.

DIY Candle Making Kits - Recipe Steps

Melt Candle Wax

Melt Candle Wax

Add Beeswax pellets into a Melting pot and keep it above a low heat. Stir the candle wax continuously until it turns completely liquid. The melting process should take 10-15 minutes. Don't let the wax boil.

Add Pigment Color

Add Pigment Color

Add 5-10 Gm colored pigment to the melted candle wax. Use a spatula to stir the melted candle wax until the colored tint is completely blended with the wax.

Add Fragrance Oils

Add Fragrance Oils

Add two or three drops of your preferred Fragrance oil to the colored melted wax mixture. Mix the candle wax blend well. Remember, a little goes a long way with fragrance oils.

Prepare Candle Jar

Prepare Candle Jar

Once everything is melted, remove the pouring pot from the heat and let it cool for 5 Minutes. Meanwhile, place cotton wick in the center of the glass jar.

Pour into Candle Jar

Pour into Candle Jar

Pour the hot wax slowly into a mason jar, and make sure to keep the wick in place as you pour. Ensure it stays centered during the drying process.

Decorate Candle Glass Jar

Decorate Candle Glass Jar

Cool your candle at room temperature for about four hours until it is completely solidified. After the candle is settled, you can easily decorate your mason jar using jute thread and gum.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Candle Making Kit
Candle Jars:4 Unit - 15 Gm
Candle Wax:Beewax - 250 Gm
Candle Colors :Any Color [ Blue or Yellow] - 20 Gm 
Lavender Fragrance Oil:15 Ml
Jasmine Fragrance Oil:15 Ml
Orchid Fragrance Oils:15 Ml
Lemon Fragrance Oils:15 Ml
Oceanic Fragrance Oils:15 Ml
Smooth Fragrance Oils:15 Ml
Beaker:1 Unit
Hand Gloves:1 Pair
Spatula:1 Unit
Decoration Tag:5 Tags
Jute Thread:5 Units
Pre Candle Wicks :5 Wicks
Wooden Spoon:1 Unit

Buy DIY Candle Making Kit At Low Price in India

VedaOils is the leading manufacturer & Wholesale supplier of Candle-Making Kit and best quality DIY Kits. Candle making starter kits on of the best choice for a beginner or a professional as it offer all the required ingredients and materials for one to try their hands in Natural Candle Making. This Premium-grade Beewax Candle Crafting Kit contains perfect supplies for anyone who wants to make homemade candles either on a budget or for fun, as it includes everything one needs to get started making their own.

DIY Scented Candle making kit that we offer at VedaOils has the best quality ingredients that are completely chemical-free. The ingredients are free of additives like Paraben, sulfate, and SLS. Using VedaOils online shopping portal, you can purchase an Easy-to-use Candle Making Kit for the best price in India. This kit will inspire you to make more and more Candles for relaxation and meditation.

We ensure to follow standard packaging and quality check measures while packing the finest quality of our Beewax candle-making kit. We vacuum seal our Candle Making Kits Items so that you can receive them safely at your doorsteps. We deliver our products all around the globe using our logistics partner DHL, FedEx BlueDart, India Post, etc. We also export our high-quality candle making business kit to the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and other countries. 

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