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VedaOils E- Gift Card for Natural & Organic Products

At times, we think of numerous gifts to gift our friends and family on special occasions. But with so many choices we often get confused and unable to decide the special stuff that we wish to gift our loved ones. If such confusion is bothering you for long then this is the right time to buy Vedaoils E-gift card today. You can have a personalized e-gift card for buying as much stuff as you wish to gift. Such a card can bring a smile to your friends and family’s faces.

Gift cards are designed to suit your requirements and buy plenty of stuff that you wish for. The process of buying stuff from an E-gift card is very simple and hassle-free. You can even send a personalized message with a gift card for your special ones. In the process, all you have to do is, enter the email of the desired person you to gift, then enter the value of the gift card. Type recipient’s name and then post preview to proceed with the payment using your debit or credit card. Once the payment is confirmed, your E-gift card will be on the way!

Wide Range of E-gift Card On VedaOils

There is a wide range of E-gift cards available on Vedaoil's website. You may choose a category of e-card according to your budget/wish and gift it to the desired person. The categories include:

1. Silver Card - Silver E-gift card comes with a price range from 1 thousand to 3 thousand. You may buy any stuff from the website under this much budget.

2. Gold Card -  Gold E-gift card is another category with a price range from 3 thousand to 7 thousand. You may buy any stuff of your choice from the website under this budget.

3. Platinum Card -  Platinum E-gift card is a category that comes with a price range of 7 thousand to 9 thousand. You may buy any stuff from the website under this much budget.

4. Diamond Card - Diamond is the last and bigger category of E-gift cards to be gifted. The card comes with a price range of up to 10 thousand and you may buy any stuff of your choice from the website under this much budget.


Shop More Save More With Gift Card?

One of the most endearing reasons for buying e-gift cards is to save more on money and buy more stuff that you like. Often with confusion, we end up buying stuff that either goes out of our budget or isnt that suitable according to the choice of the one we wish to gift.

E-gift cards are meant to buy as much stuff as you wish to under a suitable budget. This even gives a wholesome choice to the buyer to buy different categories of things from the website. The E-gift cards help to choose from a variety of products under a suitable budget and enjoy savings.

Why Choose VedaOils E-Gift Card?

  1. Perfect Gift Card for Various Occasions: DIY - E-gift card is a perfect gift card from Vedaoils to gift your loved ones on special occasions. It is a wonderful way to let your loved ones buy stuff of their choice under a suitable budget. E-gift cards can be gifted on any occasion and are very simple to use.
  2. Applicable on all Products: - There are more than 900 products available on Vedaoils website. You may buy natural products from the website in bulk under your budget. The E-gift card is applicable to all the products available on the website and you may choose the suitable ones for yourself through the budget of the card.
  3. High Denomination Amount - On E-gift cards you can get a high denomination amount with 5-10% off. You may buy any stuff of your choice through the card with a good denomination amount which would be applicable on all the products you buy from the website.
  4. Easy to Buy & Use- The E-gift card is very easy to buy and use. You don't have to put in efforts offline. Everything is on online portals such as email. You may easily send the E-gift card in the mail and use it. The procedure of buying stuff from the card is very simple and sending the card to the desired one includes a few easy steps only.
  5. Share & Use - You may share and use this E-gift card with any of your friends. It does not matter who buys the E-gift card, anybody from your friends or family can use the card under a suitable budget. You may buy any product of your choice from Vedaoil’s website in just a few easy steps.

FAQ- Terms & Conditions

Q. How are VedaOils eGift Cards delivered?

Ans- Vedaoils’ E-gift cards can be delivered through email. The whole process is online. The E-card is accessible on online purchases from the website.

Q. Where eGift Cards be used?

Ans- E-gift cards work just like regular gift cards at the time of payment check out. An e-gift card can be ordered online and sent via email to the purchaser’s registered email address. Depending on the amount that the card holds, the purchaser may buy stuff from the online portals of the brand such as the company’s website.

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