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Candle Colour

Candlemakers want to make their candles look unique and special. Therefore, they experiment with different designs and colours while making candles. We at VedaOils offer candle making colours that add vibrant and appealing colours to your candles. By making your candles attractive, these candle colours prove to be suitable for both small and big Candle Making Businesses. If you are into DIY Candle Making, get them as a small amount of these colours is sufficient enough for a large batch of candles.

VedaOils offers a wide range of Candle Making Colours at competitive pricing. Therefore, you can pick those colours that are suitable as per your requirements. These colours are compatible with waxes of all types and are easy to use. Our candle dye powders enhance the aesthetics of your candles and make them stand out from the rest. Get these candles today and add a new dimension to your candle making business!

Wide Range of Candle Dye for Designer Candles

If you are into candle making business, making designer candles that look outstanding must be your goal. We understand your needs and provide a variety of candle dyes suitable for all types of waxes. We specialize in supplying candle powder and liquid colours that are available in different hues and shades. Therefore, you can choose them according to your needs. Some of the specific features of our Candle Making Dye are explained below:

  • Candle Colour Powder: Candle powders are suitable for making large batches of candles. They enhance the appearance of your candles by adding darker or lighter shades as per your needs. For example, these candle colour powders will give dark and vibrant shades when used with soy wax. However, when used with paraffin wax, they give light to dark colour shades as per the added colour quantity.
  • Liquid Dye Colours for Candles: With our large collection of liquid dye colours, you can create customized shades of candle dyes and use them according to your needs. When blended with soy wax, the liquid dye colours add light or pastel colour shades to your candles.
  • When you blend these liquid dye colours with paraffin wax, they create light to dark colour shades as per the added colour quantity. Similarly, the colour shades may vary as per the quantity and wax you use for making candles.

    Candle Dye Powder Online at Best Prices on VedaOils

    Buying candle making colours from VedaOils is a good decision because of these reasons:

    • High-quality: We do not compromise on quality irrespective of whether we are supplying small or bulk quantities of candle making colours. Our high-quality candle making dyes enhance the overall appeal and aesthetics of your candle. As a result, they prove to be beneficial for your candle making business.
    • Different Colours Range: Our wide range of colours include pastel or light shades, vibrant, and dark shades. Moreover, they are available in both powdered and liquid forms. Therefore, you can get the colours that are suitable according to your wax and other candle making needs.
    • World Wide Delivery: At VedaOils, we supply candle making colours across the world because of the strong connections we have with international courier services and logistics partners. Therefore, you can order candle making colours from us from any part of the world.
    • Low Price Guarantee with Big Discounts: As we are bulk suppliers and distributors of candle making dyes, we can provide them at economical rates. Apart from lower prices, we also offer big discounts and attractive deals on bulk orders. Get candle making hues from us today and get a huge discount straight away!

    Buy Candle Making Colours at Wholesale Price

    At VedaOils, we excel in supplying a wide range of candle making supplies. Our wide range of candle making colours enables us to provide convenience to professional and amateur candle makers. These colours are of high quality and offer flexibility and ease of use to candle makers. As they are available in different types like candle making powders and liquid candle dyes, you can choose them as per our requirements. We offer them in bulk and at wholesale rates to those who are into candle making business. However, retail buyers can also get it from our website at affordable rates. Our strong network of logistics partners enables us to deliver candle making colours at the stipulated date.

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