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How To Make Rosemary Soap at Home - In 5 Steps

Making Rosemary soap can be your favourite DIY recipe. Rosemary is a natural ingredient that has been used for anti-inflammatory purposes for a long time. It also promotes hair health and is effective against a variety of skin conditions.

Homemade Rosemary Soap

We can use dry Rosemary herb in soap to give it an invigorating fragrance along. It also enhances its shelf life and the DIY Rosemary soaps can be used as gifts for your friends and relatives. Rosemary acts as a detoxifier for your skin and also works as an anti-aging ingredient. Therefore, it could be quite an ingredient when you introduce it for skin care purposes.

Benefits of Homemade Rosemary Soap

Rosemary is available as a herb or in the form of essential oil. While both the herb and essential oil have numerous skin and hair care benefits, you must know the exact purpose of use when you add it to soaps. Here are some top benefits of Rosemary soap that you might not be aware of:

1. Anti-oxidant: The powerful antioxidants that are present in Rosemary can deter the growth of free radicals that damage your skin. They stop your skin from getting deteriorated and create a protective layer around the skin. The oil content of this magical herb proves to be effective in maintaining the health of your skin.

2. Skin Nourishment: Rosemary essential oil protects the skin from infections. It moisturizes the skin and smoothes out the fine lines.

Benefits of Homemade Rosemary Soap

It hydrates the skin and inhibits oil production in the skin cells. Therefore, it acts as a powerful moisturizer in your DIY rosemary soap.

3. Reduces Sunburn: Rosemary essential oil proves to be effective against dark spots and blemishes. The powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this oil helps to soothe sunburns as well. Therefore, if you are feeling any discomfort in your skin due to sunburns, you can use our DIY rosemary soap for healing it.

4. Maintains skin health: Rosemary essential oil heals the puffiness or swelling of the skin. It also curbs the toxins that may damage the texture of your skin. As a result, it is added in soaps and other DIY products to prove to be helpful for different skin tones and types.

5. Soothes Inflammation: The strong antioxidants present in Rosemary helps the skin to heal. The soothing effects can prove to be helpful against cuts, rashes, redness, and other skin issues. All these benefits make Rosemary a versatile ingredient, especially for skincare purposes.

DIY Rosemary Soap Recipe - Step By Step

Rosemary is a magical herb that alleviates the discomfort and swelling of the skin. When you blend it with mint, it also proves to be effective in giving a refreshed and energetic look to your skin. We have provided the entire process for making Rosemary Soap below.

Rosemary Soap Recipe

Ingredients Required for DIY Rosemary Soap

Apart from Rosemary herb and Rosemary Essential Oil, we also need a soap base. Glycerin soap base proves to be ideal due to its hydrating properties. Peppermint Essential Oil and goat milk are known for their nutritional properties.

  • Silicone Moulds - 2
  • Goat Milk - 1 cup
  • Glycerin Soap base - 200 grams
  • Rosemary Essential Oil - 10 drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 10 drops
  • Rosemary Herb - 2 tbsp (crushed)

Method of Making Rosemary Soap

Before you start making your own Rosemary Soap, ensure that you have a few tools like silicone molds, double boiler, thermometer, etc. ready. These tools will help you to maintain the quality of the soaps without any issues. The step-by-step process that you must follow to make this DIY soap recipe is given below:

Method of Making Rosemary Mint Soap
  1. Add some crushed Rosemary herb at the bottom of each soap mold. It will give a unique texture and refreshing aroma to your soaps.
  2. Now, cut the soap base into small pieces and melt them in a microwave or double boiler setup. When it cools down just a bit, add some goat milk and Rosemary essential oil to the mix.
  3. Now, add the Peppermint Essential Oil to the blend and whisk it nicely with a spoon so that all the ingredients gel together.
  4. Finally, pour the mixture into the soap molds and it is set for a while. You may use soap molds of different sizes and shapes as per your requirements.
  5. It will take 5 to 6 hours for the soap to set and another 24 hours will be needed for them to cure completely. After 24 hours, your DIY rosemary soap will be ready to use!


We hope that you liked our DIY Rosemary soap recipe. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. These DIY soaps are perfect gifts for your family members and loved ones. You may also use attractive homemade labels and packaging to add a personal touch to your creation!

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