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Kalonji Powder Brands In India 2024

The Nigella sativa plant's seeds are used to make the versatile spice known as kalonji powder, which is used in South Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African cuisines. It gives foods like bread, curries, and pickles a distinct, slightly bitter flavor. Kalonji is well known for its possible health advantages in addition to its culinary uses.

Best Kalonji Powder Brands In India

Given that it is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-boosting effects, it has historically been used in herbal therapies. According to certain research, it might assist with ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma. But in order to use kalonji safely and effectively, it should be used in conjunction with medical treatments rather than as a substitute. People who are allergic to seeds or spices should take extra care.

Top 10 Black Seed Powder Brands In India 2024

In addition to its culinary appeal, historic medical purposes, and potential health advantages, black seed powder is employed. It enhances food flavor, may benefit digestive and respiratory health, and is administered topically for skin and hair care. Here are the top 10 Black seed or kalonji powder brands that are available in India.

1. VedaOils' Kalonji Oil

VedaOils' Kalonji Oil is better than Kalonji Powder and can be easily used as an alternative. Kalonji Seeds (Nigella Sativa) are also referred to as Kalonji Oil. It is utilized in cosmetic treatments in addition to being employed in culinary preparations because of its nutritious qualities. The natural powder kalonji is efficient in promoting thicker, more regular hair growth.

VedaOils' Kalonji Oil

The powder is highly nourishing and works naturally to assist you in getting rid of any issues with your hair or scalp that you may be having. Using VedaOils, they don't contain any additional chemicals, additives, or fillers. Additionally, they are free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and colors.

2. Pivotal Life Kalonji Seeds Powder

When used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, Pivotal Life Kalonji can help with weight loss. The kalonji powder from Pivotal Life is chemical-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Pivotal Life Kalonji Seeds Powder

Through its positive effects on blood pressure and blood fat levels, the herb may help lower the chance of developing heart disease. By enhancing the action of insulin and delaying the absorption of sugar into the blood, kalonji may assist persons with type 2 diabetes in controlling their blood sugar levels.

3. Bon Austin 100% Pure & Natural Kalonji(Black Cumin)

Three different types of Bon Austin Kalonji Powder are available for use: the seeds, the ground or powdered form, and the oil form of Cumin. Cumin powder in Face Masks: Cumin powder can also be used to make face masks.

Bon Austin 100% Pure & Natural Kalonji(Black Cumin)

It is ideal for all skin types and mostly helps dry skin. You can combine Cumin and turmeric in a mixture that is 1:3 to make a mask. The kalonji powder from Bon Austin is vegan, non-GMO, and preservative-free.

4. Value Life Kalonji Seed Powder

Value life Kalonji seed powder, derived from black seeds, is a 100% vegetarian, antioxidant-rich ingredient with numerous health benefits. It may lower cholesterol, combat bacteria, reduce inflammation, and protect the liver. Its ability to regulate blood sugar and prevent stomach ulcers is noteworthy.

Value Life Kalonji Seed Powder

Additionally, kalonji seed powder is known for boosting the immune system and guarding against viral and bacterial infections. Furthermore, it aids in joint health by providing lubrication, making it a holistic choice for overall well-being.

5. Laugha Pure & Natural Kalonji(Black Cumin) Powder

The multivitamin and mineral content of Laugha Pure & Natural Kalonji Powder may improve your skin's radiance, lessen the signs of aging, and decrease wrinkles and fine lines. This organic product has a legendary reputation for improving skin suppleness and restoring youthful beauty naturally.

Laugha Pure & Natural Kalonji(Black Cumin) Powder

Making use of Laugha pure kalonji powder as a face mask can give your skin a quick boost of smoothness and radiance. Yogurt can be used in place of honey to mix with the powder whenever there are sunburns or a tan.

6. Havintha Kalonji Powder

Hair growth, broken ends, and skin health can all be improved with kalonji powder. In the same way, warm water with honey and lemon is frequently advised for those who are dieting. But a small amount of Havintha kalonji seed power can work wonders.

Havintha Kalonji Powder

Low blood sugar levels may result from using Kalonji supplements. It is possible to utilize this kalonji powder product as a simple at-home cure for your face and hair.

7. Vajraang Kalonji Powder (Black Seeds)

Both men and women can use vajraang kalonji powder as a chemical-free hair care product. Utilizing the potent properties of kalonji (black seed) powder, it provides holistic advantages such as damage healing, hair fall prevention, hair volumizing, and improved hair shine.

Vajraang Kalonji Powder (Black Seeds)

This organic product caters to a wide spectrum of users and offers effective hair care without the use of harsh chemicals, encouraging healthier and more vivid hair.

8. Khadi Omorose Kalonji Powder

A paraben-free cosmetic product called Khadi Omorose is intended to improve the health of your hair and skin. Antioxidant-rich, it successfully treats a variety of hair and skin problems.

Khadi Omorose Kalonji Powder

This multipurpose treatment has several advantages for both skin and hair, such as damage repair and maintaining hair strength. Whether you want to boost the health of your hair or deal with skin issues, Khadi Omorose offers a safe and efficient solution.

9. Al Masnoon Kalonji Seed Powder

With numerous advantages for both hair and health, Al Masnoon Kalonji powder is a premium, all-natural, vegetarian product. All genders may use this natural and pure powder, which is free of additional preservatives and synthetic coloring.

Al Masnoon Kalonji Seed Powder

It is a useful addition to daily routines because of its all-natural herb makeup, which supports healthy hair without the use of artificial additives and promotes overall well-being.

10. Alps Goodness Kalonji Powder

In addition to strengthening hair follicles and reducing hair breakage, Kalonji Powder by Alps Goodness also promotes the growth of healthy hair and lessens hair loss.

Alps Goodness Kalonji Powder

The fungus that causes dandruff is inhibited in addition to conditioning by Alps Goodness Kalonji powder. Furthermore, it works as a natural moisturizer to minimize dryness on the scalp, prevent baldness, and inhibit hair loss.


In conclusion, kalonji powder is a useful natural ingredient that is well-known for its potential culinary and health benefits. VedaOils is one of the best products available when looking for the highest calibre kalonji powder.

VedaOils is a dependable option because of its dedication to purity, quality, and authenticity, which guarantees that customers may fully utilize this unique spice for both culinary and medicinal applications.

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