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DIY Lip Liner - Easy Steps to Maintain Your Lip Care

There's something special about doing the makeup. It feels so great to beautify yourself into someone you always wanted. However, we also know that there are many makeup products out there that do beautify our skin but also affect its health.

While we cannot make everything at home, there is one makeup product you can make at home with natural ingredients. We are talking about DIY lipliners. These easy, fun and customizable lip liners will surely become a favorite element in your makeup kit. Want to learn how to make it? Let's dive in and discover how to make DIY lip liners.

How To Make Lip Liner At Home

Whether you agree or not, creating your lip liner is a fun and cost-effective way to customize your makeup kit. All you need is a few simple and natural ingredients by your side, and you will be able to make a lip liner just by yourself, and that too in your favorited color. You know what's the best part? You don't have to worry about any side effects because you know the ingredients you are using on your skin, unlike the market ones.


Directions - Step-by-Step

Steps 1:  Melt the wax and cocoa butter in a small bowl.

Steps 2:  Stir in your colorant, a little at a time, with a small spoon.

Steps 3: Fill the syringe and carefully fill the pencil.

Steps 4: Allow it to cool for several hours to harden completely before sharpening it with a pencil sharpener.

How To Choose a Lip Liner For Makeup

Now that you know how you can make a lip liner at home, we will also help you with some additional tips. In this section, we will be discussing how to choose a lip liner. Choosing the right lip liner can help you elevate your makeup look and will also enhance the appearance of your lips. Here are three factors you must consider:

Choose 1: Shade Matching

Always select a lip liner shade that closely matches with your lip's natural color or the lipstick shade you plan to apply on your lips.

Choose 2: Formula & Texture

The next point is considering the formula and texture of the lip liner. Always opt for one that glides on your lips comfortably, is long-lasting and is easy to apply.

Choose 3: Precision & Versatility

Look for a lip liner with a precise tip that allows for easy outlining and filling of the lips. Additionally, choose a versatile lip liner that can be paired with multiple lipstick shades for maximum versatility in your makeup routine.

How To Apply Lip Liner: 5 Steps For Using Lip Liner

As we are talking about additional tips, now we will share with you some tips on how to apply DIY Lip Liner. When it comes down to that, always remember that the key to long-lasting lip color comes down to prepping your lips and layering the lip color correctly. So, here are a few steps you must follow to apply the perfect lip liner.

Directions:- Step by Steps

Steps 1: Prep Your Lips of Start with a smooth canvas.

Steps 2: Exfoliate your lips gently and remove any dry, flaky skin.

Steps 3: Follow up with hydrating lip balm or oil to ensure your lips are moisturized.

Steps 4: Outline Your Lips of then start by outlining your lips along your lip's natural lipliner. Use light and short strokes to create an even outline.

Steps 5: Focus on Defining the cupid's bow and corners of your mouth. Fill In- Lastly, once you are done with outlining, fill in your lips with the lip liner.


In conclusion, making your lip liner is a rewarding and creative experience every makeup enthusiast must experience. It is one activity that gives you the option to customize your make collection and that too as per your preferences. The best part? Now, you have an easy DIY Lip Liner recipe just right in front of you that you can follow to create lip liners tailored to your favorite shades and textures.

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