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Rosehip Oil For Eyelashes - Makes Longer Eyelashes

Did you know eyelashes are the thickest hair in the human body? Notable. You have probably heard of fake eyelashes being used to enhance the appearance of the face. But is it possible to wear fake lashes every single day? Of course not!

rosehip oil for lashes

Are you looking for a mystical product that will give your lashes a lustrous look without causing them to fall out? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Rosehip oil holds the key to all of your queries. A complete set of enticing basics that will transform your lashes like never before. Minerals, fatty acids, Vitamins, and whatnot! Let’s go deeper into the oil.

Rosehip Oil Benefits For Eyelashes

Rosehip oil contains a variety of properties that help your eyelashes. Vitamin E, A, lycopene, linolenic acid, and polyphenols are vital minerals, vitamins, and acids that nourish and promote the growth of your eyelashes. Not only is it great for the lashes but also for the skin, moisturizing while eliminating wrinkles. This makes it simple to utilize.

  • Aids in Extensions: Rosehip oil comprises fatty acids that are amazingly hydrating for your lashes and help in the growth of your lashes. Also, the antioxidants vitamins E, C, and A assist in enhancing blood circulation to the lines of your lashes. Rosehip oil includes linolenic, lycopene acid, vitamins, and minerals that guarantee the growth of your lashes.
  • Rejuvenator of Hair Follicles: With increasing age, your lashes start disappearing due to decreased collagen, which is also a cause of wrinkles. Furthermore, the lashline follicles get jammed with eye makeup and dead cells. Rosehip oil has vitamin A, which improves collagen formation. The linolenic acid soaks effortlessly into the skin and replenishes the skin and hair follicles.
Rosehip Oil Benefits For Eyelashes
  • Lash Darker: Bright and attentive eyelashes are one of the primary intent. Pale or invisible lashes also make the personality look dull. To appear confident and vibrant, people often use fake eyelashes or lash tinting, which is not long-lasting. Often the uncomfortable chemical can be dangerous to the eyes and skin. Rosehip oil helps you to darken your lashes and give a smooth texture to them. There is no promise of immediate effect, but you can expect promising results within the given time.
  • Prevents Flaking: Flaking is due to the dryness after the long use of extensions. It can often irritate the skin and eyes. Rosehip oil helps to remove the pollutants and makeup from the lashes while conditioning the roots. One or two drops of rosehip oil daily can be beneficial for you.
  • Works As a Cleanser: Waterproof eye makeups or eye extensions accumulate a lot of dirt in the lashes. Regular cleaning is a must to prevent unnecessary growth of the lashes. Rosehip being a dry oil, thoroughly eliminates the pollutants. Rosehip oil comprises phenols that are anti-bacterial, thus keeping your lashes clean.

How To Use Rosehip Oil For Eyelashes?

Rosehip oil has incredible beneficial features, as mentioned above. The ingredients in the oil give support and health to the lashes. Though very simple to use, you must know certain crucial points before using the oil. Every Skintype or person can have different experiences; thus, you must read the following instructions for perfect results.

Step 1: Rosehip oil is quite powerful if used undiluted. Dilute it into coconut oil or vegetable oil for better results.

Step 2: To be careful, perform a patch test before using it on your lashes. Apply 1-2 drops of the rosehip oil on the back of your hands and leave it for 2-3 hours.

How To Use Rosehip Oil For Eyelashes?

Step 3: If your hands are fine, you can apply it to your lashes. Apply 1-2 drops of rosehip oil on your lashes using your finger or spoolie, whichever you prefer.

Step 4: You may feel irritation along your lashline; do not use it further. The eyelids turn red after the application of rosehip oil.

Step 5: The increase in blood circulation and cell turnover is the reason for it. Do not worry; redness will reduce in 2-3 days. You will notice color, texture, and growth results after 3-4 weeks.


Nature never ceases to amaze. Long-lasting results can only be obtained only if the technique is followed thoroughly. Similarly, you must be patient with the process, and from hydrating to nourishment, rosehip oil takes care of every need of your lashes. Natural, vibrant, and healthy lashes are not a problem anymore. Enjoy your lashes!

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