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Top 8 Peppermint Essential Oil Brands In India - Pure & Natural

Peppermint is a fantastic aromatic herb in the mint family. This prominent essential oil contains over 40 different compounds, making it a beneficial essential oil for many issues.

peppermint oil brands

From using it as an air diffuser, and room freshener to haircare and skincare, Peppermint essential oil never fails to amaze us with its umpteen benefits. Let's discuss the benefits of peppermint essential oil and what brands are famous for providing this oil in India. 

Benefits Of Peppermint Oil For Skin And Hair

Peppermint essential oil contains numerous nutrients and vitamins that boost body energy levels and improve skin and hair health. Here are some prominent properties of peppermint essential oil for skin and hair. 

Benefits of peppermint oil for skin & Hair

Radiant Skin 

Peppermint essential oil is a magical extract with rejuvenating properties that clean and purify your skin. As your skin gets cleansed, it enjoys a radiant and plump glow. Even though it is a potent essential oil, it is safe to use on the skin. 

Promotes Long, Beautiful Hair 

Peppermint essential oil can improve the strength of hair. It contains elixir-like compounds that nourish your hair roots with the hydration they need. So, when you use it in your hair care routine, it promises you strong long hair. 

Clears Acne & Pimples 

Peppermint essential oil is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial agents in Peppermint essential oil help cleanse the skin and clear up the acne by naturally keeping the skin free from any pimple-causing bacteria. 

Promotes Hair Growth 

Peppermint oil has antibacterial, regenerative, and stimulating properties, which help relieve dry scalp and irritation, stimulate hair growth in bald people, and give hair a lustrous, fresh appearance.

Reduces Sunburn 

Peppermint essential oil hydrates the burned skin and relieves the sunburn pain. It is one of the best ingredients to add to your homemade recipe for sunburn. It has astringent properties that reduce inflammation and pain caused by sunburn. 

Top 8 Peppermint Essential Oil Brands In India

Now, as we have discussed the various benefits of peppermint essential oil, we should get to the brands we can trust for our source of supply for this oil. Here is a list of India's best and top peppermint essential oil brands. 

Best Peppermint essential oil brands in india

Vedaoils - Pure Peppermint Oil

VedaOils is one of the most prominent Peppermint Essential Oil suppliers in India. If you wish to use organic peppermint essential oil, VedaOils is your perfect choice. They offer the purest essential oils that are highly concentrated and do not contain any artificial additives. Their Peppermint essential oil goes through various quality checks so that only premium quality oil reaches the customers. The best part? You can place orders in bulk, per kg amount, at relatively affordable prices. 

Soulflower - Herbal Peppermint Oil

Soulflower is another brand that promises to provide preservative-free peppermint essential oils. The company supplies undiluted professional-grade aromatherapy peppermint essential oil that helps with various skin and hair problems. It is free from synthetic color or fragrance and is completely pure with no additives. Soulflower peppermint essential oil is a natural, undiluted, and completely vegan product. 

Good Vibes - GMO-Free Peppermint Oil

Good Vibes is another great brand to buy Peppermint essential oil from if you mainly use cruelty-free vegan products. The company provides quality essential oil that is cruelty-free, has no synthetic ingredients., No GMO, entirely safe for skin and is also tested for authenticity. Good vibes provide you with this multi-purpose essential oil at relatively affordable prices. 

Earth N Pure - Natural Peppermint Oil

Earth N Pure peppermint essential oil is filled with nature's goodness and easily absorbed in the skin to leave it with a fantastic radiance and shine. It is made with pure and undiluted Mentha Piperita. You can use this essential oil to make your DIY products. Earth N Pure peppermint essential is free from parabens, contains no artificial fragrances, and is crafted using handpicked natural ingredients. 

Organic Harvest - Organic Peppermint Oil

Organic Harvest is one of the most prominent brands that supply pure Peppermint essential oil made with original plant-derived extracts. The extracts go through earth-friendly processes to ensure no trace of synthetic ingredients is used in the oil formation. Organic harvest peppermint essential oil is safe to use on both hair and skin. 

Khadi Herbal - Fresh Peppermint Oil

Khadi herbal is a prominent herbal skincare brand that provides organic peppermint essential oil. The oil is crafted using freshly extracted natural ingredients that help various skin, hair, and health problems. The oil is free from artificial fragrance, parabens, or harmful synthetic ingredients. You can easily find Khadi Herbal peppermint essential oil at an affordable price in online and offline markets. 

Mesmara - Virgin Peppermint Oil

Mesmer is a company that manufactures therapeutic grade and 100 % pure Peppermint essential oil. The oil is free from fillers, additives, bases, or synthetic carriers. It is crafted with strict guidelines to protect the oil's natural properties during extraction and packing. Use Mesmara Peppermint essential oil without any side effects.

Allin - Premium Peppermint Oil

Allin is a prominent peppermint essential oil supplier that provides undiluted and original essential oil with powerful therapeutic effects. It has a powerful and calming aroma that boosts energy levels and is thus a prime choice for aromatherapy. It is safe to use on the skin and has a non-greasy form. 


So, this was all about the Peppermint essential oil benefits, and as we said, you need to get to the suitable potent ingredient to reap the best benefits. And that's why all these brands come up in the list because they are credible and provide the purest and safest peppermint essential oil. It's time you trust the magic of peppermint essential oil and add it to your routine.

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