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How To Make Taper Candles | Handmade DIY Taper Candle

The favorite method to adorn a dinner table, mantlepiece, or bedside is with a tapered candle. There are sophisticated tapered candles in a range of colors and patterns are available to help us realize our tablescape fantasies, while influencers are showcasing elaborate designs as the finishing touch to an upgraded atmosphere.

how to make taper candles

DIY taper candles are perfect for giving as presents throughout the holidays. In addition, candles are an excellent method to create a relaxing atmosphere. These taper candles fit into any candle holder and can be used in emergency kits or during power outages.

How To Make Taper Candles at Home

To add that rustic whimsy and farmhouse charm, learn how to make your beeswax taper candles. They're ideal for birthdays or holidays, and they're full of handmade attention to detail. Following are the candle-making materials that you will require for making taper candles.

DIY Taper Candle Supplies:

  • Yellow Beeswax Pellets - 1350 Gm
  • Braided Candle Wick
  • Narrow And Deep Container (We Suggest A Mason Jar)
  • Large Pot
  • Hex Nut (Or Any Small Weight)

Know About Taper Candle Making Supplies

For the past few years, candle-making has been a delightful passion for a lot of people. Hand-poured candles in gorgeous antique holders, teacups, and jars are one of our favorite things to do.

These beeswax taper candles will soon become one of your go-to for making the aesthetics of your home better. Read on to know more about the supplies required for making taper candles.

  • Yellow Beeswax Pellets: Regular paraffin or soy candles do not burn as long as solid beeswax candles. As beeswax candles burn, they draw pollutants from the air and ionize them. This enables the air to be purified and cleansed, resulting in a healthier atmosphere.
  • Narrow and Deep Container: The container should be large enough to accommodate the size of the candle you're producing. The longer the container, the less wax is used, resulting in less waste.
  • Braided Candle Wick: This type of wick is flat and braided with various threads. It's made of 100 percent cotton with a special chemical treatment for optimal inclination, resulting in the cleanest and most flawless burning conceivable.

Make Homemade DIY Taper Candles - Step by step

The simple step by step way to make basic taper candles is entirely up to you what kind of taper you want to make. Shorter taper candles give a more rustic ambience, while longer taper candles are more appropriate for formal dinner gatherings.

Step 1: Place The Beeswax

Fill a wide mouth mason jar, a tall metal tin, or a similarly tall, heat-safe container with yellow beeswax pellets. Make sure the container you purchase is narrow, deep, and safe to use in the kitchen.

Step 2: Melt The Wax

  • Fill a medium or large stockpot with water and place a folded towel or trivet to the bottom.
  • Place the pan over medium heat and cook until it begins to boil.
  • Add the wax jar to the heating water with care. You may want to add more pellets to the wax as it begins to melt so that it is at least 6 to 7 inches deep.

Step 3: Cut The Wick

Cut four wicks to 25" in length (or however many candles you wish to create). Each end of the wick should be tied with a hex nut. This will serve as a weight to keep the candles straight as you immerse them. They are essential to the success of this project.

Step 4: Candle Making

  • It's time to start candle-making after the wax in the jars has completely melted.
  • Fill a tall jar with cold water and set it aside. This will be used to cool the hot wax faster, allowing you to produce candles faster than if you just let them dry naturally.
  • Fold the wick in half and knot the nuts at both ends in the center. Dip the ends slowly into the wax.
  • After that, submerge the wicks in a jar of cold water.
  • Return to the hot wax and then to the cool water. Repeat for a total of 10 times. At this stage, the candle should have enough weight to be entirely immersed without the hex nut.
  • Cut the weights as near to the nut as possible at the bottom.
  • Continue dipping the tapered candles back and forth between the wax and the water until the desired candle diameter is achieved.

Step 5: Let It Cool

Allow the candles to solidify for a few hours by hanging them or laying them on wax paper.

Step 6: Trim The Wicks

  • Trim the wicks and admire your lovely candles.
  • Things To Keep In Mind When Making Beeswax Taper Candles.
  • Before lighting, trim the wick to about 1/4 inches. The wax level will drop with each candle dipped as you make candles.
  • You may need to pour wax from one jar to the other two at some stage to keep the depth consistent for uniform candles.
  • Pour the wax into a silicone baking mold to solidify and keep for future projects, such as more candles or lotion bars, until the wax level reaches a point where it will no longer produce a nice candle.
  • Dip the candles into a container of cold water after each dip in the wax to help speed up the hardening process. If you omit this step, you'll have to wait a long time for the wax to harden before you can dip it again.


These beeswax taper candles make great hostess presents and are a great addition to your decor. Beeswax candles are a source of clean, clear, and brilliant light for your house and make great holiday gifts.

Candles are always a popular method of creating an atmosphere, and these tapers will look great in any candle holder. They're especially useful for power outages at home. All the supplies required for making these can easily be bought at VedaOils.

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