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Polyvinyl Alcohol - Hot

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Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot)

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) is a cosmetic ingredient that has been used as one of the components of products that are formulated for external purposes. Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) is mostly used in the preparation of sunscreens, detan creams, hair styling products, and make-up solutions (liquid). Powdered Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) functions as a colloid that protects emulsions and also possesses film-forming abilities.

Polyvinyl alcohol (Hot) is known to be a man-made or synthetic polymer. The molecule of PVA (Hot) polymer contains vinyl and alcohol groups. It is a very useful and a revered polymer due to its adhesive properties. Polyvinyl alcohol (Hot) is water soluble, crystalline and flammable in nature. It is the presence of the alcohol group which makes it flammable.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) was first used in shaving creams way back in 1937. Today, different types of this compound are available in the market and each of the variants has a unique molecular weight and viscosity. Remember that Polyvinyl Alcohol Powdered (Hot) should not be hydrolyzed while adding in cosmetic formulations. However, semi-hydrolyzed is of great use, especially while making creams, moisturizers, and lotions.

Apart from its film-forming ability, you can also use Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) to enhance the smoothness of your final products. Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) also increases the durability of cosmetic formulas by making them heat-resistant. Its special texture can be used to give a non-greasy finish to hair-dressing applications. Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder (Hot) is compatible with a wide range of ingredients and emulsifiers and this enables you to use it conveniently for different types of cosmetic formulations.

You can also use Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) as a stabilizer while making cosmetic and skincare products. Its availability in the form of fine powder will help you to use various cosmetic formulas without any issues. Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) is of slightly pinkish white to white color and is available in different packages so that you can purchase according to your requirements.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) Uses

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can be used as coating for medicinal tablets and this use is quite prominent. Its wide ranged chemical properties have shown the benefit of its use in health applications, pharmaceutics in particular.
Eye Drops

Eye Drops

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can be used in preparation of ophthalmic formulations as an eye moisturizer and an eye irritation reliever. It is effective in providing relief in case of minor irritations due to the wind or sun, and from eye dryness.


Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can be used in the manufacture of adhesives and glues owing to its high quality adhesive properties which make it an efficient product for the same. It is non-toxic and has shown no detrimental effects on human health.
Hair Styling Gels

Hair Styling Gels

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can be used in the preparation of good quality hair styling gels for both men and women, being one of the best ingredients for the same. It prevents flaky residues by preserving the natural oils of your hair and giving glossy appearance.
Peel Off Masks

Peel Off Masks

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can be used in the preparation of best in class peel off masks which are good for skin and are revered products in skincare. They help in rejuvenating your skin by removing blemishes and signs of ageing, giving you radiant, glowy skin.
Hair Colorants

Hair Colorants

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can be used in the manufacturing of high quality, effective hair colorants. Due to its high binding properties, Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) helps the colour bind to your hair with great efficiency without damaging your follicles.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) Benefits



Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) has very efficient and effective binding properties, making it the most revered product in preparation of colour cosmetic items. It helps bind the color to your skin and hair without side effects.


Known to have excellent adhesive properties, Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) is a widely utilized product in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It helps bind the ingredients in a compressed tablet or a cake, thereby proving its worth.


Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) can function as an excellent viscosity modulator in different types of formulations. It can act as a thickener and helps increase the thickness of the oil portion in your skincare products as well as personal care products.
Film Former

Film Former

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) is a high quality and effective product known as a film former. It reacts efficiently with the air to form a hard, plastic-like layer on your skin which can be peeled off with utmost ease, making it the best product for peeling masks.
Increases Durability

Increases Durability

Being the most efficient cosmetic raw ingredient, Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) is known to increase the durability of cosmetic and personal care formulations. PVA-H is revered as a product to make the formulations heat-resistant.


Highly efficient emulsifying properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot) are beneficial in preparation of cleansers and formulations requiring good quality emulsifying agents. Apart from this, it acts as a best in class emulsifier for O/W emulsions.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source: Vinyl Acetate
Manufacturing Process: Vinyl Acetate is polymerized and after that, it is hydrolyzed (partially) to form Polyvinyl Alcohol (Hot).
Chemical Formula: (C2H4O)x
CAS Number: 9002-89-5
IUPAC Name: Ethenol
INCI Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol
Molecular Weight: 44.05 grams/mole
Specific Gravity: 1.27
Boiling Point: 228 °C
Flash Point: 79.44-degree Celsius
Odor: Odorless
pH Level: <3
HLB Value: 18
Color: White or pinkish-white
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Shelf Life: 24 months
Purity (%): 99%
Form: Powder
Alternative Names: PVAH
Solubility: Yes
Applications: Skincare, Personal Care, Haircare, Cosmetic

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

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