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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Thick Eyebrows With Colorful Eyebrow Shaping Wax

Eyebrows serve the purpose of enhancing your beauty and make your looks so complete and natural. These thin lines of hair over your eyes shape and outline your eyes and provide a whole new meaning and purpose to your face. These thin hair outlines drawn by nature on our face cover our eyes and add appeal and attraction to our personality. Maintaining these stray hair is not without the effort on our part and takes the pain and art of a craftsman to decorate and manage them. These pair of beautiful thin  arches over both your eyes can be shaped and designed in various ways to add value and appeal to your beauty. We work with several beauty tools to turn our eyebrows into a perfect shape and style.

Frame your face  with beautiful brows. Shape and design your eyebrows with the superior eyebrow shaping wax to define your brows with long lasting hold. While you beautify, fill and cover your eyebrows with the colorful pencils, mascara and powders. They serve the purpose of adding glimmer and shine to your eyebrows. Market is flooded with a wide range of beauty tools to serve you with the bright and elegant colors and shades. Whether you decorate your brows at home or take the professional services of a beauty parlor or eyebrow waxing salon, some tools are essential and the eyebrow shaping wax is one of them. These eyebrow waxes sculpt and hold your eyebrows for all  day long and provide you a bold and mature look.

Eyebrow shaping wax smoothens and finishes your eyebrows without sticking or leaving clumps behind. These eyebrow pencils do not pull or tug your hair from the brows and are easy to apply or use. These colorful transparent and moisturizing formulas are handy and useful to outline your brows and fine tune them.This multipurpose eyebrow shaping wax is useful both for men and women. Men can also use this wax pencil to shape their unruly mustaches in addition to working on the eyebrows with this elegant tool.

Managing your eyebrows is not at all cumbersome and difficult if you go along with a few tricks and take some effort on your part. Brows can sometimes be rough and thick and maintaining them is a bit painful, therefore along with the effort it takes a little knowledge of the tools to master and outline them. Your wax specialist determines which brow shape fits with your face and compliments it.

Though everyone is unique but there are some common face types on which the typical brow wax suits to provide your face an appeal and outlook. Since square faces have well defined sharp angles, therefore a soft and round angled brow is suited for them. And the round faces have sharp angled brows with the high arch  look. Whereas soft arches or a flat brow with an arch that is too high which can elongate the face is recommended for long and oval shaped faces and the heart shaped faces look best with the natural soft angled arch.


As compared to threading which is a painful and troublesome procedure to remove thin hair from your brows,  waxing is a faster and easier procedure to give you can achieve a cleaner, superior brow shape that lasts longer. An eyebrow waxing means removing the straw brow hairs with a single strip of wax. Eyebrow shaping wax goes a long way in hydrating and taming your eyebrows. This high shine moisturizing formula is also useful in conditioning your brows as well. Waxing is instant, provides good results and is widely available. It is suitable for women who find threading and tweezing very painful and difficult. Waxing allows your hair to grow softer with regular usage.

This eyebrow pencil wax will also nourish your brows and leave them with a polished appearance. This vitamin E enriched shaper will  shape your eyes in a manner so as to look them absolutely flawless. With the few ingredients that have nourishing hair care properties such as coconut oil, castor oil, neem oil and vitamin E oil we are suggesting you to prepare a eyebrow shaping wax at home. This eyebrow shaping wax will not just provide you the smooth finish to your brow hair but will also provide you with the ease of using and handling it.


16 grams beeswax

6 grams refined coconut oil

4 grams castor oil

2 grams hemp seed oil

1 ml Shea nut oil

5 drops 100% neem oil

5 drops Vitamin E oil

12 drops Rosemary Essential oil


STEP 1:Weigh out the beeswax on a digital scale and then pour it into a small glass Pyrex measuring cup or a double boiler.

STEP 2: Melt the beeswax.


STEP 3:Then weigh out the coconut oil, castor and hempseed oil and stir into the melted beeswax. Here we are taking the refined coconut oil but unrefined variety with a higher melting point can work as well.


STEP 4: Measure out the shea nut oil and stir it in the eyebrow shaper wax solution.


STEP 5:Then using a dropper, put few drops of neem oil, vitamin E oil and rosemary essential oil to the concoction.


STEP 6: Mix well to thoroughly combine all the ingredients and  put the content into the lip balm tubes and allow the mixture to cool.

This prepared eyebrow shaper wax will produce seven filled  lip balm tubes with eyebrow shaper wax inside them. Instead of using a tin or a jar, use old lip balm tubes for containing eyebrow shaper wax to give it an easy pencil like application.These eyebrow shaping waxes are available in various designs and different shapes. Coming up in attractive colors and shades these wax pencils draw and outline your eyebrows in different colors and hues. Use wand end to scoop out a small amount of the product and warm between your fingers. Apply it to your brows while rotating them with wand and brush them into the shape.With a few easy and superior eye brow shaping and eye brow waxing tips and tricks, you can easily and quickly shape and wax your brows equally good as you can do them at saloon. 

These vibrant shades of the eyebrow shaping waxes go in enhancing the outlines of your brows and give them a subtle shape and long lasting effect. This professional eyebrow shaper makes your eyebrow waxing and shaping easy which leaves you tension free about your brow hairs for up to 2 months. Visiting the eyebrow waxing saloon provides you the comfort and highly skilled services of the eyebrow experts. Here, you can achieve a precision tip eye brow waxing that enhances the beauty of thick  and heavy brows on your face. With the trained wax specialists, you are in experts care and supervision everytime to ensure that they treat your brows with the wax that suits even the most sensitive skin types.

With this unique precision tip eyebrow wax applicator prepared at home, you get the complete control in shaping your brows and the gel wax formula easily washes away with water. Therefore go shape and design your eyebrows with this perfect slim tip pencil applicator that gives smooth outlines and rich shape to your eyebrows thus coloring them in different shades. This eyebrow shaper will also go a long way in ensuring healthy growth of your brow hair and  keep them fit and nourished.Typically, the fuller the eyebrows, the more potential there is to frame and design them to make your face and eyes look delicate and elegant.

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