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Yellow Soap Making Color Pigement - VedaOils.com

Yellow Soap Making Color Pigment

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Yellow Oxide Pigment Powder

This natural yellow is most economical pigment with good quality in paint industry. Use Yellow Oxide Pigment Powder to add color to homemade soaps and cosmetics. This product can be used on its own or in combination with other natural pigments, for a wide variety of color shades.

They are approved for use in soap, mineral cosmetics and cosmetic bases.

These are natural color additives which are insoluble in the formulation or product to which they are added. Unlike some other liquid colors, they will not bleed or fade.

Very small amounts are needed to color creams, lotions and more.

To use in melt and pour, the powders need to be dispersed into a small amount of the melted base first and then add to the remaining melted soap and stir well.

Keep your powders in closed containers in a dry location.

Common Names :

English : yellow oxide

French : oxyde juane

German : Oxid gelb

Italian : ossido giallo

Portuguese : óxido amarelo

Spanish : óxido amarillo

Alternate Names : 

English :iron oxide, iron yellow, ocher, yellow ocher, yellow iron oxide 

French : oxyde jaune Indien

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