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Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soap Base

Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soap Base

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Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soap Base

Aloe Vera soap base is a premade melt and pour soap base that can be customized to create soaps of various colors and fragrances. Since it is easy to use, it is an ideal soap base for beginners. Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Base contains the goodness of Aloe Vera gel which is used mainly due to its moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

You just have to cut this organic soap base of Aloe Vera into cubes of smaller size, heat them in a double-boiler, and add the necessary ingredients, colors, and fragrances to make premium quality soaps. This Aloe Vera soap base best for the beginner as the process of melting is very easy.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Soap Base

Aloe Vera soap base is an excellent soap base due to its several nutritional properties. Some of them are listed below:

  • Contains pure Aloe Vera gel that moisturizes your skin deeply.
  • Aloe vera soap base contains anti-aging properties as well.
  • Due to its soothing properties, it is suitable for all skin types.
  • Do not contain any harsh chemicals and is 100% organic & safe for your skin.

Uses of Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Base

Since it is a clear pour soap base, you can use it for making transparent soaps as well. Some of its other uses are as follows:

  • It is compatible with a wide range of essential oils and natural ingredients.
  • Aloe Vera Melt and Soap Base recipe is ideal for making DIY herbal soaps.
  • As it is a Melt and Pour Base, the process of mixing oils is already done, so just focus on the creativity part.
  • It contains glycerine that increases the emollient properties & moisture retention capacity of your soaps.

Aloe Vera Soap Base Properties

It is high-quality soap base that is 100% pure and made from premium quality components.

  • Endless Options: It can be easily used in various skincare products and soap bases to create wonderful products.
  • Chemical-free: Aloe Vera soap base does not contain any added fillers, sulfates, and parabens. As a result, it is totally natural and safe to use.
  • Moisturizing: It has deep moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera that softens and hydrates your skin perfectly.
  • Clear & Transparent Soaps: Its transparent appearance makes it ideal for making clear soaps and products.

Aloe Vera Soap Base Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Melting Point: 135 Fahrenheit
  • TFM: Above 40%
  • pH: 8.0-9.0
  • Sulfate-Free: Yes
  • Sulfate-Free: Yes
  • Preservative Free: Yes
  • Origin: India
  • Detergent: No
  • Organic: Yes
  • SLS Free: Yes
  • Paraben Free: Yes
  • Alcohol-Free: Yes
  • Odorless: Yes
  • Fragrance Scent: Odorless
  • Type: Bathing soap
  • Application Area: Face, hair, body
  • 100 % Vegetarian: Yes
  • Shelf Life: Up to 24 months

Select Soap Base of Aloe Vera on VedaOils at Low Prices

At VedaOils, we offer preservative-free Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Base and made from premium quality ingredients. We ensure that all our products adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality. Also, you can purchase various types of melt and soap bases and other ingredients like essential oils, Shea butter, etc. online with complete secure payment gateways, fast shipping, and complete customer support and also in bulk quantities at low prices.

If you want to learn how to make aloe vera melt and pour base you can refer to the 'Recipes' section of our website. This section also contains information about how to use Aloe Vera melt and pour soap base recipe for making different types of soaps. We only provide 100% organic ingredients that are free from animal-derived components. As a result, even vegans can utilize our products.

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