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Zinc Oxide Powder

Zinc Oxide Powder

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Zinc Oxide Powder

Zinc Oxide is made from zinc ore that occurs in nature. It is purified to obtain pure Zinc Oxide that does not contain traces of other metals. It is well-known as one of the main cosmetic ingredients that can shield your skin from UV rays. Therefore, you will find it easily in sunscreen and other skin protection applications.

It is in powdered form of white color and the particles are very fine. The size of the particles can range from 200 to 1000 nano meters. Zinc Oxide powder is odorless and is insoluble in water and oils. However, it can be dispersed in oils and water.

Zinc Oxide Powder has been used for treating wounds in ancient Indian, Greek, and other civilizations. It is still used in many cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Apart from its medicinal and healing properties, it is also used as a bulking agent or as a colorant in cosmetic applications.

It can also be used to add opacity to foundations and other powder based makeup products. You can also find it as a cosmetic raw material due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc Oxide Powder Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Zinc Oxide powder is known for its soothing properties. Therefore, it is used to treat chapped and irritated skin. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties make it good enough to cure wounds and reduce the itching that is associated with dry or damaged skin.
  • Shrink Pores: It is a mild astringent and controls production of oil in your skin pores. Moreover, as it is non-comedogenic, it reduces the size of large skin pores and prevents issues like acne, pimples, black spots, etc. to a great extent.
  • UV Protection: It has the ability to block and reflect harsh sunlight and UV rays. Therefore, it proves to be an effective ingredient in sunscreens. It absorbs harmful UV rays that are also infamous for their carcinogenic effects. As a result, it proves to be an all-round protector of your skin cells.
  • Skin Whitening Properties: Zinc Oxide powder improves the skin tone quickly and therefore, is used in many makeup products. You will find it in many concealers and coverage applications these days. Also, it can also minimize the effects of aging by improving the texture of your skin.

How to Use Zinc Oxide Powder?

It is not meant to be consumed internally as it is formulated only for external application. Also, Zinc Oxide can prove to be dangerous if consumed internally. You can add it in formulas without changing it in any way and the concentration level can range from 5 to 25%. It can also be added in pigments and sunscreens.

Zinc Oxide Powder Specifications

  • Applications: Sun protection products, soothing applications, creams, makeup products like concealers, foundations, etc.
  • Raw Material Source: Zinc (Metallic)
  • Manufacturing Process: Metallic Zinc is melted by using a crucible made from graphite and it is then vaporized at around 1000-degree Celsius. The vapors combine with oxygen that is present in the air and Zinc Oxide is formed.
  • Tested on Animals: No
  • GMO: GMOs are not present as plant-derived ingredients are not used in it.
  • Vegan: Vegans can use it as it does not contain any ingredients that are derived from animals.
  • CAS Number: 1314-13-2
  • INCI Name: Zinc Oxide

Note: This product is only meant for external application. Therefore, avoid using it internally and do not use it if you are suffering from any skin ailments.

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