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Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol

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Propylene Glycol

It is a type of alcohol used in cosmetic products as an effective humectant. It is a strong sensitizer and therefore used as a key ingredient in various cosmetic applications. It is used to increase the melting points of cosmetic products or prevent them from freezing at lower temperatures.

Moreover, Propylene Glycol improves the ability of skincare products to penetrate the skin. However, care should be taken while selecting the concentration as only lower amounts of Propylene Glycol is healthy for your skin. It is a USP grade product that is clear, odorless, slightly viscous, and tasteless liquid. Its low viscosity can also be used to make cosmetic formulations more malleable and flexible. Propylene Glycol can be dissolved in water.

Propylene Glycol Benefits

  • Retain Moisture in Skin:  It minimizes the loss of water from your skin and helps retain the moisture of products as it is a powerful humectant.
  • Emollient & Soothing Properties: By helping active ingredients penetrate deep in the skin cells, it enhances skincare products' performance. Its emollient properties improve your skin's moisture content and is also used as a lubricant in cosmetic applications.
  • Cosmetic Formulations: Propylene Glycol can also be used to stabilize the emulsions and final products, but it alone cannot achieve the desired level of stability. Therefore, it can be used as one of the cosmetic raw materials in cosmetic formulations that need more stability.
  • Acts as Solvent: It is also used as a solvent to blend and dissolve other ingredients. Moreover, the creams and lotions' spreadability can be increased effectively when the products are in the formulation phase.

Propylene Glycol Specifications

  • Applications: Propylene Glycol can be added to any skin care product and is also used in hair care applications, soaps that are glycerin based, color cosmetics, etc.
  • Raw Material Source: Propylene Oxide that is derived from the blend of hydrogen peroxide and propylene.
  • Manufacturing process: Propylene Oxide is hydrolyzed (Non-catalytic process) to obtain a combination of glycols (mono, di, and tripropylene glycols).
  • Tested on Animals: No
  • GMO: It is GMO-free but does not contain any certificate that validates this. However, we can safely say that this product does not contain any ingredients that are obtained from plants.
  • CAS Number: 57-55-6
  • INCI Name: Propylene Glycol
  • Vegan: It does not include any ingredients that are obtained from animals and therefore, vegans can use it.

How to Use Propylene Glycol?

You do not need to change the form or chemical composition of Propylene Glycol before adding it to the emulsions. Therefore, it can be used as it is but do not forget to add it when the formula enters the water phase. The concentration level can range between 1 and 8% when used in emulsions. Remember that it can be used only for external purposes. Also, keep the concentration level low for using it safely in cosmetic and skincare applications.

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