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Carbomer 940 Powder

Carbomer 940 Powder

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Carbomer 940 Powder

Carbomer-940 is a polyvinyl carboxy polymer used to improve viscosity or as a suspension or gelling agent in cosmetic formulations. It is cross-linked with pentaerythritol’s ethers and proves to be an effective cosmetic ingredient for systems where high viscosity or clarity is required.

It provides excellent softening and gelling properties to formulas that can be used to enhance the gliding properties of cosmetic applications. Moreover, you can also use it due to its ability to thicken solutions, and you may also suspend heavy solids in liquid mediums by using it.

It is available in the form of white powder that comprises fine particles and has a typical odor. Also, it can be dissolved in water, and its pH level ranges from 2.7 to 3.3. The recommended level of concentration should be 0.5%, and you can add it at a temperature of 25-degree Celsius. The viscosity of Carbomer-940 powder ranges from 45000 to 70000 cps when 0.5% is used in solutions.

Carbomer-940 Powder Benefits

  • Carbomer-940 powder are used for thickening cosmetic formulas. Therefore, you can use it to control or add the viscosity of the final product.
  • Suspending heavy solids in liquids becomes possible with the assistance of this powder, and it also binds the oil and liquid ingredients so that they don’t separate from each other.
  • Moreover, it can retain water and swells up to 1000 times upon adding the required quantity of water. Therefore, it is also used to impart a colloidal consistency to the final product by mixing it with water.
  • Its ability to retain water also makes it capable of holding moisture in your skin for a long time. It is also tested to be safe and skin-friendly and can be added to skincare and cosmetic products.
  • It is suitable for both men and women and is used in skincare applications used to remove scars or tan. Its stiffening properties make it one of the important raw materials in hair gels and hair styling products.
  • Also, it does not make your skin dry or rough at all. They aren’t added for adding any specific benefit to the skin or hair care products as they only play a role in adjusting the consistency and improving the texture of your skin.

How to Use Carbomer-940 powder ?

The concentration level should range between 0.1 and 0.5% depending on the kind of consistency or viscosity that is desired in the final product. However, they must be mixed nicely and hydrated to make them effective in formulas. If the pH level of Carbomer-940 powder is increased above 6, it offers a gel-like appearance to the solution. Inorganic bases such as TEA, KOH, NaOH, etc., can be used to neutralize it while using it in different solutions. It is only meant for external use.

Carbomer-940 Specifications

  • Applications: Hair gels, hair styling products, lotions, creams, and other cosmetic products contain Carbomer-940 powder.
  • Raw material source: Acrylic Acid
  • Manufacturing process: Acrylic Acid is polymerized to increase its molecular weight and then it is cross-linked with polyacrylic acid which is one of the polymers of acrylic acid.
  • CAS Number: 9003-01-4 or 76050-42-5
  • INCI Name: Carbomer-940
  • Tested on Animals?: No
  • GMO: It is GMO-free as no plant-derived materials are used in it.
  • Vegan: Yes, vegans can use it as it does not comprise any materials that are derived from animals.
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